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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Why I Decided to Give My Book Away for FREE

Hi Friends!
This is a new endeavor for me. Want to help? In exchange for a FREE edition of KELLEN'S HOPE, I'd like your honest review on Amazon. Starting today, 8/7/14, it will be available for free, for three weeks through Story Cartel, and at the end of four weeks, a winner will be chosen to receive a gift. That winner could be you!

Story Cartel is a site that promotes writers, and asks their readers to do exactly what I already stated.
Download the book.
Read it, and write an honest review on Amazon.
This makes it easy for everyone. Best of all, I'm hoping to make lifelong friends with my readers. Nothing could be better than that. Developing a lasting relationship with my readers is an important aspect of my writing. I want you to know my heart for you, and I want to get to know you. You'll be able to learn a lot about me from my writing, because, as in all books, author's leave a bit of themselves in their stories, and there's a message of hope that I want to impart to my readers.
Most important of all, I hope to bless you, as you bless me when you choose to read what I've worked so hard to create. Your reviews make all the difference.
Thanks so much for your participation, and God Bless You!
Danie Marie


  1. Hi Danie, I left a message on the Big Tent but just wanted to say again how much I am enticed with your writing. I am looking for the hope God will give Kellen knowing the outcome will be glorious. Her story is the story of many, misunderstood girls who need the acceptance of a loving Father and the sweer embrace of the women of God...the mothers in the house.

    Good for you! You have worked hard. Keep writing! I love you,

    1. Hello sweet friend. Thank you for writing such sweet comments. Unfortunately, Kellen's story actaully happens. I know several women this has happened to. Not so much the tragedy of her other loss, but the hypocrisy in the church. Can't say more or I'll give the story away. LOL

      Blessings Dear One!


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