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Tuesday, August 31, 2010


I’ve often dubbed myself Bling, Bling, Girl. I love anything that sparkles; jewelry, jazzed up clothing, diamonds dancing on the water, rings, and things of that sort. In this short list you'll notice I included natural bling, too, because it offers some of the most spectacular beauty. Although I can’t wear those shimmery water diamonds, I take great pleasure viewing such offerings.

When I’m down all I need do is look at creation, to listen. God speaks to me through His handiwork. The intricacies and thought He put into our world--the heavens--tell of His deep, deep love for us. I’ve been a nature lover since childhood, and understood early on that there is a God. He tenderly, lovingly, drew me to Himself.

I am His. I have been for 41 years. I can’t imagine doing life without Him.

On those tough, dry, disappointing days, I think about what heaven will be like. I imagine the streets of gold; so pure they look like glass. Imagine them reflecting God’s glory! The soothing sounds of water cascading from His throne; the music of heaven and unimaginable joy. I think about our heavenly reunion. What a day that will be.

No more tears. No more pain. No more death!

Oh, to see the face of my Lord and Savior. To touch His nail scared hands and feet, His side. To see the walls around his Kingdom, those precious gems casting rainbow colors all around... Oh the beauty! This Bling, Bling, Girl can hardly wait. But I guess I’ll have too. For now, I have a bit of a preview.

When we built our home it came as a complete surprise the first time the setting sun cast light on our Swarovski crystal chandelier in our dining room. I’ll never tire of the beauty it creates. Prisms of color dance on the walls and ceiling in glorious delight. The first time I saw the phenomenon, I thought, this is a little bit of heaven.

Years ago the Lord allowed the transformation to take place as I ministered to a sister in the Lord who had recently lost her son. I said, “This, on a small scale, is what your son is enjoying in heaven, right now.” It was a God ordained moment.

His riches are beyond measure. They will never run out. I plan to enjoy His treasures here and now. What the ear can hear and the eye can see is ... FREE.

I've included one of my poems for your enjoyment.


The Lord is more majestic
Than the most majestic mountain,
He is mightier than
The raging of the sea!

His power is much greater
Than a lightning bolt from heaven;
Yet His hand created
All of these!

O gentle Savior, Mighty King!
We lift our hearts
To you and sing,
For to you, all glory we bring!

Our Savior is most gentle
Like a mother with her child,
His peace like a rainbow
When a storm has settled.

Like the flowers He cares for
 That bloom in spring,
He tenderly cares
For you and for me.

Our God, He cares
For the sheep of his fold,
Gently leading
To fresh waters cold.

O gentle Savior, Mighty King!
We lift our hearts
To you and sing, for to you
All glory we bring!

Lord, I ask that you bless and encourage my friends today; that you lighten their load. May they cast their cares on you, knowing that you care for them. Open their eyes to see the beauty around them. That they may know the love you have for them. Bring them to a place of worship and praise. I ask these things in Jesus precious name. Amen

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