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Wednesday, September 22, 2010


It recently came to me the amount of precious time I’ve wasted playing games on the internet. Were they fun? Sure. Did I enjoy the interaction with friends? Yep. But when I thought about how many true friends I had on FarmVille, there weren’t many; perhaps half. On Bedazzle 2, a totally addicting game, there wasn't any interaction at all. Does it mean I’ll never play anything again? I honestly have to say no; perhaps a game or two of solitaire once in a while.

Would you believe I played Bedazzle 2 for hours one day? I just had to get a higher score, you know? That night I dreamt Bedazzle! I was on Bedazzle overload.

We live in an age when people have more contact via the internet or phone than face-to-face contact; a sad fact in my humble opinion. We were created for fellowship, communion, or shall I say, community. Distance sometimes prohibits close encounters with those we love, in which the internet becomes a tool to connect. But if we are glued to our computers and fail to unite with those in our sphere of influence we lose that feeling of true connectedness.

What it comes down to is disconnection with flesh, warmth, emotional encounters that can fuel us.

Encouragement lifts us. Laughter gets our blood flowing. It heals. Our minds are spurred by conversation, not mindless chatter. We need depth in our relationships to grow in wisdom and knowledge, to mature. “Iron sharpens iron...”

I doubt our calling in life has anything to do with playing games on a computer. And I’m quite aware the excuses we make for why we play. It becomes an addiction, an obsession, which amounts to idolatry.

When we hear the word idolatry today, we may think of it as a thing of the past. We may think it’s simply worshipping a bronze calf as in the Old Testament, or an idol of wood or stone. But idolatry is much more than we might think. It means; worship, adoration, admiration, veneration, idolization, adulation, reverence, esteem, prize, and … love.

Most of these are not bad in and of themselves. Sin occurs when we are spiritually unequally yoked, when the object we’re fixated on becomes addictive, when that object is in excess or ungodly. Idolatry involves anything that we give loyalty to or that takes precedence in our lives over God and service to him. Or something we become dependent on rather than God. In other words, anything that owns us.

I have decided to make a clean break from games that sap my time and devotion to God and spend my time more effectively. For me, it means focusing on those things the Lord has called me to, writing and speaking, and encouraging my brothers and sisters in Christ, as well as evangelism.

Perhaps you’ve felt the same tug to get away from addiction, whether it’s a game or something else. What is the Lord calling you to? Whatever it is, He’ll give you the strength if you ask Him.

“The fear of man brings a snare, but whoever puts his trust in Jehovah shall be safe.” Prov. 29:25

A snare: trap, entanglement, net or web ~ Ever wonder why the internet is referred to as the WEB? Don't worry about what your friends think when you give up gaming.

Lord, I pray those reading this receive it in the way it was intended, in love; that they find encouragement to walk in closer union with you. Help them separate themselves from anything that takes precedence over your plan for their lives, that they might enjoy your riches. Enable these beloved ones to serve you more fully. In Jesus name, Amen

Blessings Friends ~ Danie Marie


  1. Anything in our life, your car, phone, television, your friends or even your family members that takes you away from God is an idol, anything that comes first before God is an idol, and anything that reduces the quality time you normally spend with God is an idol. Thanks to God that you took that decision to make a clean break from games that sap your time and devotion to God and spend your time more effectively with God

  2. Yes indeed, Chidozie. It's freeing.

    Thanks for your comment ~ Danie

  3. I so agree. The thing about the devil is he's so sneaky. What is an innocent game can become an idol just by monopolizing our time. It catches us unaware.
    I decided I'd better not start any of the facebook games because I know how easily I become ensnared.


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