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Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Sometimes I feel like I’m falling. Falling into that proverbial pit of despair where the peace and safety I’ve known feels like it’s slipping away. That change is coming—change that will forever alter my life. Have you ever been there?

Quite frankly, it scares me; the unknown. My thoughts wander. I feel ill at ease. I worry I’ll make the wrong decision. Worry that I’ll be even worse off. I’m quite aware the grass isn’t always greener on the other side of ... here. Then I hear Him. I hear God whisper and I stop to listen.

I feel intimidated by what He asks me to do; to speak to the one who hurt me. But one thing I’ve learned, obedience leads to greater rewards. Still, my flesh seeks protection. What if their response is ignoble?
The word comes softly as though on a sweet scented breeze ... do you trust me?

I sigh. Yes, I trust you, Lord.

He bolsters my strength. I step into uncharted territory and await their reply. To my surprise it’s completely unexpected. No reprisal? Aw, Lord, you prepared the way before me! You knew how my heart was hurting, that I was ready to give up. You have proven again that you are active in each one of our lives, not just mine. You confirmed your desire for harmony, unity in the body of Christ. I’m not the only one you care about; you care about each one of us. You want what’s best for all of us. Your love abounds!

What if I had done things my own way? What if I had said no to God’s call to open myself up, to share my pain, to trust Him? I’d still be miserable.

How can I express the wonders of His great love? God had a plan and He is working to bring needed, positive change in my life. Are my trials over? No, but I’m on this journey called life with Jesus at the helm. He is with me. He is for me. His plans are to prosper me and not to harm me.

Trust—five letters that mean so much, especially when it comes from the Lord of Hosts; the one who holds the world in His hands and the stars in space. He knows them all by name. He knows ... me, oh so much better than I know myself. What I do know about myself sometimes makes me shiver.

The sins I’m capable of.

One wrong step could have changed everything, turned my world upside down.

I cannot sing God’s praises enough. I’m resting, still somewhat fearful, but He has shown me that He has not left me alone. He never has. He sees, He hears, He knows. And he loves me unconditionally.

Security is not possible without God. Striving for anything else is futile. It happens by resting in Him, trusting, walking on the paths He has chosen for us. The Lords plans for us are altogether good and pleasing. We hit rough spots from time to time, but we must remember that He never leaves us. He holds us by our right hand. Are we gripping His?

I pray the Lord keeps us strong. The best way to accomplish that is by having one or two friends hold us accountable. God doesn’t want wimpy sons and daughters. He wants children who walk in humble dependence on Him who are willing to step out and do those things that are tough, remembering that He is with us, a very present help in times of danger, whether our struggles are internal or external.

Read Jeremiah 29:11 at the top is my post. I pray it encourages you today and tomorrow and the day after that...

Lord ~ I ask that you hold my sisters close to your heart. Whatever difficulty they’re facing today, be their help, and give them the encouragement they need. I pray they see you high and lifted up. That they know they're not alone in their struggle; that others care. Give them your perspective and your vision for their lives. Thank you, in Jesus Name. Amen

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