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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Jealous for Us

That's what God is. Normally we see jealousy as something bad, and it is, when we're jealous of someone. All sorts of evil lie in that realm of jealousy. It all depends on two words, "for" or "of".

I've tangled with that ugly sin. It rises up and knots your insides, and makes you burn with anger. Ungodly thoughts weave through your mind, till they slip from your lips. I'll wager most of us have had a tango with jealousy.
If not dealt with swiftly, it becomes a tangled mass of bitter roots.
One sin does lead to another.

When driven by our old nature, we feel helpless to stop the negative train of thoughts bombarding us. But when overwhelmed by any sin, we have but to recognize where the battle really lies--within the spiritual realm. To call on the name of Jesus and trust Him to help us.

Sometimes we're slow to learn, aren't we?

Because God is jealous for us, He wants us to lean on Him in our time of need. His desire is for our best. He is zealous toward us because He wants us to succeed. He's rooting for us. Amen? We have to engage in the battle in order to make it through those negative times in our life.

But are we willing?

Imagine you have a child who's turned their back on you. For some, that's not difficult. You're in that painful place. Your desire is for that child to see the love you have for them. That they turn to you for help because you have their best at heart.

That's who our Heavenly Father is, but His love is so much purer that ours. His name is Jealous, and He is jealous for us. If the sin of jealousy is present in your life, are you willing to repent and be restored to fellowship with Him?


Exodus 34:14 - "For you shall worship no other god, for the Lord, whose name is Jealous, is a jealous God."


Lord, forgive our sin sickness. May our jealousy be for the best in others, and when the enemy strikes us with ungodly jealousy, help us turn to you to be our strength. To pray for those whose actions are sinful toward us. In Jesus Holy name, amen.
Love & Blessings Friends ~ Danie Marie



  1. So well presented. Jealousy so easily can slip into our actions or thoughts. Thank you for reminding me.

  2. Hi Karen, I always feel blessed when the words God puts on my heart speak to another. Thanks for stopping by.
    Love ~ Danie

  3. He wants our devotion and love. It's certainly not too much to ask for all He's done for us, is it?

    Great reminder. Thanks, Danie Marie!

  4. To think that the King of the universe is jealous for me is very humbling. Thanks, Danie Marie, for a reminder that I often need.

  5. Hi Vonda, you're so right, and your welcome!
    Love you sweet friend! Danie

  6. Hi Carol, It's a reminder for me too. God is so good! Love you! Danie


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