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Friday, August 19, 2011

The Bride

Isa 61:10 I will greatly rejoice in Jehovah, my soul will be joyful in my God; for He has clothed me with the robes of salvation, He covered me with the robe of righteousness like a bridegroom adorns himself with ornaments, and like a bride adorns herself with her jewels. MKJV

Like a bride preparing for her wedding day, we too must prepare in joyful gladness to meet our true bridegroom, Jesus Christ. We do this through our righteousness, or right living, doing that which pleases God, obeying His commands. The Hebrew meaning for jewels, pronounced kel-ee’, is; something prepared, i.e. any apparatus (as an implement, utensil, dress, vessel or weapon:--armour ([brearer]), etc.

That is not what I expected to see. It caused me to stop. Ephesians 6:10-18 admonishes us to arm ourselves for battle. While here in this world we are in a spiritual battle. But how does that relate to a bride preparing for her wedding day?

If you’ve ever gone through the rigorous preparations, it can oft times be grueling. As some of you know, my son got married just over a month ago. Although they were thrilled about getting married, he and his bride to be were both stressed. While there is joy in the process, there’s a lot to be done. It’s work! But the outcome was well worth it.

They had a beautiful wedding and Marja was a stunning bride.

If we heed Philippians 4:8 our righteousness will shine. “Finally, my brothers, whatever things are true, whatever things are honest, whatever things are right, whatever things are pure, whatever things are lovely, whatever things are of good report; if there is any virtue and if there is any praise, think on these things.” MKJV

Where we focus our minds will have a lot to do with how we live and act. One day, our jewels will be crowns of glory after we have fought the good fight. And I promise it will be well worth the efforts we put in.

Lord, help us live in righteousness each day so that we shine for you and are ready to meet you on that glorious day when you come. In Jesus name, amen.


  1. Like the five bride's maids with oil for their lamps, I am full of anticipation. No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived what God has prepared for those who love Him, but He has revealed it in his word. What great hope we have!

  2. Amen, Sue! I can hardly wait ... but I guess I'll have to.

    Love you Sweet Sister!

  3. When reading this, I had an image of myself clanking around with forks and spoons all over me!

    We are in a battle, and we need the fortification of God. Above my desk there is a portrait by Chris Fields entitled "The Bride Prepares." In it, a beautiful bride is strapping on her combat boots! It's served as a reminder to me (over this past year) of how I am in Jesus Christ as I have waged this fight against cancer.

    Thanks for the post.


  4. You're welcome, Elaine! I love the description you shared about the bride strapping on combat boot. How wonderful that it spoke to your needs in your own personal battle.

    Bless you Sweet Sister!


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