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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Reality Shows...

Reality shows are not reality in the truest since of the word. They're contrived. For who would live in such chaos and stress on a day to day basis? Yet week to week people tune in and watch these programs. I imagine if people were to look into our lives as they do a TV, they might find plenty to amuse them. Perhaps, our lives play out more like a soap opera at times.

What is it about reality shows that draws us? Is it an escape from the reality of the chaos in our own world, a source of comfort, excitement, etc?

Just for fun, give me a peek into the window of your life, and tell me what shows you like.

Joh 8:32 And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.

Lord, we have all sorts of vises to distract us from the reality of our lives which are sometimes painful physically, mentally or emotionally. Or simply because we need a break from our hectic lives. Help us remember true reality, the love you have for us. In Jesus Name I pray, amen.

Blessings ~ Danie


  1. Well, American Idol was a big one for me this year. I also like Extreme Makeover-Home Edition. I've been tempted to get caught up in a few other ones, but have learned to stay away from most of them. You're right... they can be very distracting!

    Thanks for stopping by today; always good to hear from you.


  2. Well, back at 'cha, Elaine! I forgot to mention the one's I like. American Idol is one of my favorites, too. And I'm so glad Scotty won! I also like America's Got Talent.
    Blessings, Danie


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