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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Run Down

Right about now, I feel like this old Ford. The miles are adding up and I'm run down. Two days before Hubby and I left for Cancun, Mom ended up in the hospital with diverticulitis. She was in for three days. Although concerned for her welfare, Dave and I enjoyed ourselves.

You have to let go of what you can't change.

Our first night in Cancun, we dined at a Thai restaurant. I know. Thai food in Cacun…We sat beneath one of the huts built over a lagoon that an alligator frequents and we got to see it. It was huge!

A thunderstorm rolled in during dinner and rain poured off the grass roof all around us. When the storm cleared a glorious sunset graced the sky. I told my husband, "It's our first night and I got everything I wanted; a thunderstorm, seeing the alligator, good food, and a beautiful sunset."

"I guess we can go home," he said with a smile.

While it was hot and humid, in answer to the prayers of the Inspire Christian Writers Group I'm in, we were blessed with cool breezes. Our agenda? One day in the water at Xel-Ha, visiting the public market, and Isla Muheres. We toured the Island in a rented golf cart. The rest of the time was spent at the ocean or the pool at the Lagoona Westin Resort. We were there six days.

Considering how I started this piece, I know what you're thinking. What's she complaining about.

I'd like to go to Cancun.
There's more!

After we got home I had two days to prepare for my friend Mariellen's arrival. We've known each other since the fourth grade. I had to unpack, do laundry, buy groceries, get her room ready and tidy the house. Run, run, run!

We had a brief visit 3-4 years ago but hadn't seen each other for at least 36 years before that. We chat on the phone once in a while, but it not the same as being in ones presence. We found that we have some of the same collections, Cherished Teddies, Norman Rockwell, and Jan Hagara. It was a wonderful visit. We hugged good-bye Sunday.

Wednesday I came down with the flu and I'm getting ready for a two day writer's conference which starts tomorrow, Friday.:/ Next weekend were going to S. CA for my nephews wedding, and I'm preparing for the Christian Communicators Conference at The Cove in N. C, next month.

Can anyone say, "To much on my plate"? Perhaps that's why I'm sick. Lord willing I'll feel better tomorrow. That's life in my neck of the woods. What's going on with you? I pray you're enjoying your summer.

Today's verse? The one you see at the top, Jeremiah 29:11. It's all good when you're life is ordered by the Lord and you trust His plans for you. Be blessed friends.

Danie Marie


  1. Yes, "It's all good when your life is ordered by the Lord and you trust His plans for you." A good word for today. Thank you!

  2. Hi Vonda, Thanks for stopping by! And you are welcome. I'm grateful when the Lord uses my words to encourage brothers and sisters in the Lord. All Glory to Him!



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