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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Where to Begin... Part lll

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Dave and I were about done in when the Lord intervened. His word tells us that He is faithful; He won’t allow us to be tempted beyond what we can bear, but when we are tempted He will also provide a way out so that we can stand up under it (l Cor. 10:13). Aren’t you glad we have that promise? Throughout this long ordeal with my parents the Lord has worked mightily on our behalf.

His provision started back in November 2009 when I was hospitalized with double pneumonia. Meet Carol, one of my nurses. We became fast friends. Since then I’ve been mentoring her spiritually.

Second, she was working Christmas day 2011, when my dad collapsed at home. I left his hospital room to let her know he was back in. Her brows shot up when she saw me. “What are you doing here?” she asked. I gave her a heads up about the situation. Knowing about my mom’s Alzheimer’s and that dad was too weak to care for her she told me to ask about home care before they released dad again. I walked back to his room encouraged knowing what needed to be done.

Third, I kid you not, within two minutes Carol showed up with Katherine who works for Right at Home, homecare. Carol said, “This is who you need to talk to,” and introduced us. Katherine, a sweet, compassionate woman, told us about her company. They sounded top notch and we felt comfortable about moving forward with them.

Fourth, I learned that after Katherine left us and walked down the hall she heard Josh in a room talking with another patient. Josh is responsible for introducing and making sure a caregiver is a good match for a family; very important. She said, “When you finish here there’s a family I want you to meet.” That was us. Unfortunately we were gone by the time he stopped by.

Dave and I were hoping to get someone to stay with mom as soon as possible so I called and let Katherine know. In the meantime, one of mom’s friends offered to stay with her to give Dave and me a break. Two days later, Right at Home had someone set up to care for mom.

Fifth, it turns out that Josh is the son of mom and dad’s primary care physician. We gave Josh permission to discuss their case with his dad. I had a stack of paperwork which Josh’s dad needed to fill out and send to mom and dad’s insurance company. He offered to drop it off at his dad’s office and make sure it got filled out and faxed, which took another load off my shoulders.

Sixth, Karen, mom and dad’s main caregiver, has been a God send and a perfect fit for our family.

Isn’t God awesome? I’m forever grateful the Lord gave me eyes to see His faithfulness throughout this ongoing trial, His glorious provision; and I am full of praise to His glorious name.

The next time you’re struggling, do an inventory and see if you can identify God’s hand in your situation. You’ll be amazed! And remember to give Him praise...

If you’re struggling, I’d love for you to share with me so I can pray for you.

Have a Blessed Day, Friends ~ Danie

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