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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Unexpected Blessings...

                                                        Last week I tagged along with my husband for a conference in San Diego. Well, not exactly. He attended the conference. I got to play. Thursday, while sitting out by the pool enjoying a paperback novel I’d brought along to read, a young lady walked past in jean short shorts, a long sleeved white blouse, and high wedged, gold shoes. Sunglasses hid her eyes but with her dark hair and olive skin she was lovely.

She sat two lounge chairs away. After a minute or two, she looked over at me and commented about the weird weather we’ve been having.
Unknowingly, she opened a door to spiritual things. I said, “I believe it’s prophetic. Things are changing around the world.” She agreed. Come to find out, she has been attending church, reading her Bible, and praying, but admitted that she had not yet given her life to Christ.

Excitement surged through me. I LOVE to evangelize, and the Lord had practically set her in my lap! We introduced ourselves and I asked Stephanie if she’d like to move to the seat next to me, and to take off her sunglasses so I could see her eyes. They were a warm brown. “You’re beautiful,” I said, and proceeded to explain to her about what it means to have a relationship with the Lord. She said, “It’s that easy?” “Yes,” I said, “it’s that easy.”

I asked her that all important question. “Are you ready to do that, to give your heart to Jesus?” She nodded. “Yeah, I am.” I took her hand in mine, emotions rising, as she prayed and asked Jesus into her heart. Thank you Lord! Stephanie was ripe for the picking! I feel blessed the Lord chose me to capitalize on what others had already sowed into her life. What a highlight that was!

But more was in store... My husband had special, secret plans for our anniversary celebration. I thought we were going to stay in SD. Instead, when the conference was over he drove to Irvine. We stayed in a Westin Hotel on the 14th floor. The next day he surprised me by taking me to Disneyland. Not only was it our 38th anniversary, 40 years ago we spent our first real date at Disneyland for Grad Night. And, he took me to the same restaurant! Every now and then I get to see his sentimental side...

During those five days we were gone the Lord knocked my socks off. Don't you just love Him!

Eph 1:3 Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who blessed us with every spiritual blessing in the heavenlies in Christ...  MKJV

Prayer: Father, I ask in Jesus name, that you give us spiritual boldness; that you give us eyes to see those who are ready to be harvested for your Kingdom’s sake, and that you put your words into our mouths that many will be saved. Amen

Danie Marie


  1. Praise God for putting you and Stephanie together. How awesome is that? I love your blog site--the pink and purple--my favorites.

  2. Hi Sue! Thanks so much for stopping by. It's good to see you here. I love purple and pink, too ... I guess that's obvious!

    Blessings ~ Danie

  3. Good seed was planted on the that soil, Danie, kingdom seed! What a privilege that you were able to take part in such glorious revelation.

    Happy Anniversary as well! You sound like someone I could have a good time with. Someday, sister.


  4. Yes indeed, Elaine! We'll have a splendid, glorious time! But it would be fun to meet in person now, too... <3

    Blessings ~ Danie


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