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Friday, April 9, 2010

Riding High

It’s good to be back after a bit of a break. Dealing with women’s retreat and Mount Hermon (MH) so close together was a challenge and left me exhausted. I’m now rested and enjoying time at our condo on Bainbridge Island, WA. Don’t worry I’m not going to leave you hanging. God met me on the mountain. Rachel Zurakowski, an agent with Books & Such, wants to see my whole manuscript and Karen Ball with B & H Publishing wants to see three chapters. Woohoo!

I feel incredibly blessed by this experience, but learned while there, due to a God-given roommate, LoraLee, that my novel needs work. I’ll be busy deepening my characters in the coming months, which will help with adding more story/scenes. Currently my novel’s at 73,000 words. B & H minimum word count is 85,000. Both Rachel and Karen want to see my best work, so I have time to get down to the grind.

The main track I attended on speaking under the tutelage of Glenna Salsbury helped me learn some new tricks I’ll need to use the next time doors open for speaking. Humor. Personal stories. Humor. She was so much fun and drew us all in with not a boring moment. I only wish there was more time to socialize with my classmates, a great group of people whose stories captured my heart.

Once home, after gimping around for four days before I left for MH and the entire time I was gone, I went to the doctor and had my foot X-rayed. Four days later I saw my podiatrist. I’m now wearing a boot to support a stress fracture and tendonitis for five weeks. Funny how we don’t let things slow us down when we’re heading toward a goal filled with hope and expectation. May yours be rich.

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